Lack of Counter TopsRegardless of how comfortable the rest of your home is, it’s common for friends and family to head for the bright lights and delicious aromas of the hardest working room of your home – your kitchen. Undoubtedly, the kitchen is the best part of a home; therefore, it is immensely important to protect its warmth when updating its look, feel and functionality.

One can think of countless reasons to update the kitchen. Beyond opting for glossy, magazine-type kitchens and installing shiny appliances, look out for lurking pitfalls and design mistakes that can be avoided with a little planning. We have put together a few kitchen design mistakes that you might want to avoid in order to achieve a beautiful and practical kitchen design:

1. Lack of kitchen worktops

This is one of the biggest design mistakes that you will find in kitchens . When updating your kitchen, make sure you have sufficient worktop space with respect to your requirement and future needs. Create a list of activities you will need worktop space for and account for the overlap when more than one person uses it the kitchen.

2. Look Out For the Golden Triangle

Generally, a kitchen has three major areas where the greatest amount of activity takes place: sink, cooker and refrigerator. These are the three areas which make up the kitchen triangle. The sink tends to see the most activity, therefore, it must be in close proximity to the refrigerator and the cooker. Inconvenient cupboard doors and kitchen islands are two things that can cut off direct access to these areas. As a result, your kitchen appears to be congested, less efficient and less convenient. For that reason, seek ways to have an unobstructed access to and from these three points.

3. Wasting the Storage Space

We all know that kitchens contain a lot of appliances and utensils . These are often hidden inside modern kitchen cabinets. Finding suitable space for your culinary collection while keeping it reachable can be difficult. Almost every kitchen design has some wasted space; however, forethought can avoid this.

4. Lighting


Lighting in one area where we would advise that you don’t compromise. Beyond being a matter of design and style, it is also about safety. Assess the work areas of your kitchen and see how you can brighten them. You can use trendy pendant lights or a chain of mini-pendants to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. You can also opt for under-cabinet lights to make sure your worktops have ample light for everyday cooking.

5. Forgoing the Back-Splash

It is common to forget about the backsplash until the end of your kitchen design project. However, by not setting up a backsplash, you are allowing for spills, splatters and steam to permanently mark the walls in your kitchen. Opt for a metal, tile or plastic backsplash for easy cleaning, rather than wallpaper or paint.

6. Ventilation

VentilationEven the best kitchen designs lose glory due to stale food smells in the air . If you’ve ever smelt last night’s leftovers lingering in the air , then you will realise the significance of good ventilation. An efficient ventilation system not only improves the quality of the indoor air, but also keeps the kitchen cleaner. They prolong the life of your appliances, while making the entire experience of working in a kitchen pleasant.

7. Recyclables

The trend of recycling is at its peak. Since recycling seems to be a trend which is here to stay, efficiently manage your kitchen rubbish by integrating compost and sorting bins into the kitchen design.

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