A common question we’re often asked is ‘how much does a side return extension cost?’, and that’s a very difficult question to answer. All home extensions are different, there’s no ‘off-the-shelf’ solution, and different households have different requirements and preferences. Some homeowners, for example, like to select each individual contractor themselves, while others prefer to use an all-in-one design and build company – this can make a big difference to costs, with home extension companies often coming in much lower.

While we can’t give exact pricing, what we can do is set out some approximate costs to help you plan your budget more accurately. Here are some ballpark figures for both the planning and building phases of extending your home:

Planning & Design

  • Architecture – Your architect will work with you to create ideas and determine what changes are feasible within your home. Average cost: £750 – £1500.
  • Planning –If you require planning permission for your home extension, you will be required to pay a fee to your local council. Average cost: £75 (varies depending on council).
  • Structural Engineering – Structural engineers work with architectural designs to ensure the work can be carried out safely. Average cost: £800 – £1500.

Building & Construction

  • Construction – The main portion of your side return extension budget will be allocated to the building of the new extension. Average cost: £35,000 – £40,000.
  • Fit-Out Costs – If you’re planning on installing new windows or doors, or building a new WC, you’ll need to work these into your budget. Average cost: £10,000 – £20,000.
  • Building Inspection – All home extensions must be surveyed to ensure the work is in line with building regulations. Average cost: £800 – £1250.

This breakdown of costs is only an estimate. The exact amount you’ll pay will depend upon your individual circumstances, including fees determined by your local council.

Competitive Pricing in Kitchen Extension Costs

Once you have decided that you want to opt for a kitchen extension, the first thing to do is to find a reputed service that caters to your neighbourhood. The cost of kitchen extensions in London will definitely be dependent upon the amount of work required. For instance, if you want remodelling, then the kitchen extension costs will be significant. However, if you just want some restructuring, then the side return extension costs won’t be as expensive.

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