Extension Ideas

Extending your home with a kitchen extension is a great way to maximise your space and add value to your property. However, with so many options available for your extension, how do you ensure you’ll be getting the most from your space?

The kitchen really is the heart of the home, so it’s important to make it great! Whether you’re passionate about cooking, want to spend more time with the family, or simply love to entertain, here are some things you may want to consider to ensure your kitchen looks fantastic:


  • Think before you buy. What do you want to use your new kitchen space for? Cooking, entertaining or would you like more space for the kids? How you envision using the space will determine what sort of styles and features work best in your kitchen extension.
  • Don’t just shop online, visit showrooms, too. Sometimes, you just can’t picture how a specific cupboard colour or worktop material will fit into your kitchen until you see it in person. Seeing different layouts and features can also give you some design ideas.
  • Talk to your contractor or builder. With years of experience under their belts, builders have seen it all and may have ideas that rival those of the best interior designers! Your builder may have some industry contacts, too, helping you to source materials for the best price.


Kitchen appliances take up a significant portion of your budget, because unless your existing appliances are up-to-scratch, they may not fit into a brand new kitchen. Of course, you can keep your appliances if you wish, but keep in mind that modern kitchen gadgets are hugely popular and can really transform your kitchen into a cool, modern space.

Worktop Ideas

From laminate and vinyl to granite and marble, there are lots of different kitchen worktops to choose from. The best kitchen worktop will depend on your needs.

If you love to cook, for example, granite is great because it’s a poor conductor of heat so helps to keep the surface cool to the touch and ideal for making pastry! Solid wood, on the other hand, is great if you want to show off your personality – by sanding, staining, or varnishing, you can instantly transform the look of your kitchen.

Heating Ideas

In general the kitchen is the most used room in the home, so it’s important to ensure your kitchen space is pleasant and welcoming even during the cooler winter months. Underfloor heating and radiators are the main options. Underfloor heating distributes heat evenly around the kitchen is an excellent option for kitchen extensions, while vertical radiators are great for maximising floor space and making more use of the wall areas which are often thought of as dead space.

Floor Ideas

When you extend your kitchen either out towards the rear of the property or into the side return, your builder will raise the level of the new space to perfectly meet your existing floor to create a seamless join. This means it’s important to decide on your kitchen flooring during the initial design process to ensure the extension is raised to the correct level.

Ceramic flooring a great idea for kitchens as they’re remarkably easy to clean, although real wood is popular as it adds a touch of warmth, and has a very classic and sophisticated feel.

Don’t overlook laminate, either. Modern styles look almost as good as the real thing – and for a fraction of the price!

See What We Can Do!

If you’d like to see some examples of work we’ve carried out recently, or are looking for even more inspiration for your side return extension or kitchen extension, be sure to check out our project gallery.

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