For a lot of us, the kitchen is the heart and soul of our home, and yet most of us are deprived of our dream kitchen. One thing that we all need and value in a kitchen is space. A kitchen extension is a great way to convert wasted areas into livable space. There are three main types of kitchen extension for London homes, which will be discussed in this blog.

However, when planning which type extension is right for you, you will need to also take Side Return Extensionthe following into consideration:

  • The style of property
  • The space available
  • Whether you are in a Conservation area,
  • Planning regulations in the local area
  • Budgetary needs and limitations.

Side Return Extension

Side return extensions are one of the most common types of kitchen extension in London. The side return is the wasted space which runs along the side of most Victorian homes. Extending into this space is a good way to incorporate this wasted space into your existing kitchen, to create an open living space. The side return extension generally has either a flat or pitched roof. When choosing the style of roof for your extension you should think about the materials used, the purpose, aesthetic quality, cost, maintenance, weather etc.

Rear Kitchen Extension

Rear kitchen extensions are those that are constructed at the back of the property – usually extending into the garden space. To allow maximum light to enter into the interior space adding large skylights is one of the most viable and aesthetically appealing options. For those of you who don’t have a side return area but would like to extend your kitchen, then a rear kitchen extension would be a great option for you.

L-Shaped Kitchen Extension

If you are looking for an expansive kitchen area and living space then this is the best option for you. L-shaped kitchen extensions are a unique blend of a side return extension and rear kitchen extension. They are also, known as wraparound extensions, and can efficiently blend into both flat and pitched roof styles.

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